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WoW Ink by Victor Voitko (Gimmick and Online Instructions) - Trick

    WoW Ink by Victor Voitko (Gimmick and Online Instructions) - Trick

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    An unbelievable amount of effects with this one trick. This pen will add rare abilities to your everyday magic routine.

    And now with the help of this pen, you can:

    1. Vanish: Erase ink from any surface, anywhere.

    2. Transport: Transport ink and also turn it into any inscription.

    3. Hands prediction: You can turn a line on your hand into a prediction.

    4. Appearance: You can make any small object appear just by drawing it on your hand, or on an audience member's hand.

    5. Balance: Impossibly balance this pen right on your fingertip.

    6. Prediction: This pen also includes a card prediction that will add uniqueness to your card routines.

    And just for you, inside there is also a bonus.

    - Telekinesis effects

    - Balance of the pen on a spectator's phone

    - Trick with your phone and much more...


    - Has a stylish design

    - Always with you

    - Can be examined

    - The kit includes two pens. One has the card image, and the second has the special ink. Or you can use all the effects in one pen.

    - Wherever you are -- at school, in the office, or on the street -- you are always ready to amaze!

    This set includes:

    Special pen - 2
    Repair kit - 1
    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester