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Triple C (Red) by Christian Engblom

    Triple C (Red) by Christian Engblom

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    "Christian always has very nice, interesting, and clever ideas. This one is VERY practical-- believe me."
    - Juan Tamariz, The Master

    "Triple C should be re-named: Triple I; Ingenious, Innovative and Incredible. Triple C is beyond words."
    - Howard Hamburg, Legend

    "Triple C is a wonderful utility tool that enables you to perform a variety of deceptive routines absolutely effortlessly."
    - Jason England, Gambling Expert

    1/3 the fat but all the awesomeness, Christian Engblom (1/3 of the Fat Brothers) is now sharing his most prized SECRET... a secret that he has kept for 24 years.
    It's that good.

    Stop manipulating the cards. Start manipulating the audience.

    Triple C, the CLEANEST way to control a card or several cards.
    So clean -- there is even a hands-off version.

    Imagine letting the SPECTATOR shuffle the cards under test conditions. After a FREE selection, the spectator's FRIEND proceeds to read the SPECTATOR'S MIND correctly!
    No prearranged stooges! The spectator becomes an instant mentalist.

    This is NOT a Stripper Deck.
    This is a true utility deck that can be used as a normal deck. It can withstand close inspection.
    Even magicians that KNOW it is gaffed have trouble finding it.

    "Triple C puts expert card technique and miracles at your fingertips."
    - R Paul Wilson, Magician Extraordinaire

    Now be part of the 'inner circle,' using Triple C.

    Are YOU going to fool everyone with it... or if you wait to buy it -- are YOU the one to be fooled?
    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester