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The KNOT Collector by Phil Willmarth - Book

    The KNOT Collector by Phil Willmarth - Book

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    A Routine of Flourish and Trick Knots Using A Single Piece of Rope

    Twenty rope effects using a single piece of rope which include those used in a routine performed in over 100 performances. With 100 illustrations by Tony Dunn.

    Contents Include:
    • Introduction by Phil Willmarth
    • Getting Started
    • The Smoke or Forget Me ..Knot - Francis Martineau
    • The Portable Knot (Two-Handed Tony Lopilato Knot)
    • Satin's Knot - Wilfred Sellten
    • The Harpoon Knot
    • The Fisherman's Knot - Phil Willmarth
    • The William Tell Knot
    • The Robin Hood Knot - Phil Willmarth
    • The Bow or Shoelace Knot (AKA - The Schoolboy Knot) - G.W. Hunter
    • The Strike Knot - Throwing A Knot
    • The One-hand Knot
    • The Acrobat - Phil Willmarth
    • The High Diver
    • The Cowboy Knot
    • The Peddler's or Traveling Knot
    • The Model T. Ford Knot - Flip
    • The Flying Bird Flourish - Wright Brother's Knot Lead-In
    • The Airplane Knot - Phil Willmarth
    • The High Flying Knot - Pavel
    • The Willmarth Snap Knot - Throwing A Loop
    • The Pendulum or Lazy Magician's Knot - Herb Zarrow
    • The Rope Through Neck - Tenkai
    Excellent drawing by Tony Dunn makes learning these flourishes and tricks knots so easy and fun!

    Copyright 1989, 40 pages, size 8 1/2" x 11", soft covers, saddle-stitched.Illustrated by Tony DunnThe copies we have are from the Philip Willmarth Estate

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