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Smoke One (Ball) by Lukas

    Smoke One (Ball) by Lukas

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    • Product Type: Trick
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    Lukas Crafts presents a revolutionary smoke device: "Smoke One"
    Smoke One comes in two types: Box Type (Standard Version) and Ball Type
    The advantages of both types are simple and straight forward.
    • No Tubes. This saves you from A LOT of problems and issues while practicing and performing
    • USB Chargeable. You don't need to use a separate plug; you may use portable battery devices or even your laptop to charge the device.
    • The devices are small enough for you to palm them without any problems
    The specific advantages of Ball type :
    • No special set up required - just load the ball or have it palmed and you are ready.
    • Easy to palm because of the round shape - its just like a billiard ball, but it's a smoke device as well.
    • You can use the gimmick with a ball manipulation routine, which will not only improve the magical quality, but make it more deceptive as well.
    Destroy restrictions.
    Experience Smoke One.
    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester