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The Path-Finder Billet Index System

    The Path-Finder Billet Index System

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    "The most innovative application of the pocket index in the past 20 years."
    - Neal Scryer

    The standard approach to billet indexes permits you to predict a single piece of information, such as which playing card will be named. Christopher Taylor's Path-Finder Billet Index System will allow you to predict four pieces of information on a single billet. That means you can now predict an endless variety of events with an ease never before possible with the humble billet index.

    Examples include:
    • Which time of death is assigned to each of 4 "victims"
    • The exact order in which 4 colors are chosen to make a drawing
    • Who will choose to sit in which of 4 chairs
    • Which of 4 coins will end up in which of 2 people's hands
    • The exact pockets in which 4 borrowed items are placed
    • Who ends up with which colored paper-ball in a game of "Hot Potato"
    Of course, the index can also be used with billets containing playing-card names, Zodiac signs, hours-of-day, etc., but the "possi-billet-ies" are limited only by your imagination!

    You receive:
    • Detailed video instruction on how to master Christopher's groundbreaking system
    • A never-before seen, 4-column pocket index, uniquely designed to simplify the Pathfinder System
    • Instructions on, and full performances of, four audience-tested routines, along with PDFs of the billets you need for each routine
    • A set of four antique pocket-watches and Victorian era photos for performing Christopher's much acclaimed Time of Death routine
    • A 4-color set of crayons, perfect for performing Christopher's mind-reading routine, Hangman*
    *In Hangman, the performer first reads the participant's mind, to reveal the thought-of word used in the game, and then predicts the order that 4 colored crayons are used to play the game.
    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester