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Mystikos Envelopes by Pablo Amira and Alan Wong

    Mystikos Envelopes by Pablo Amira and Alan Wong

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    An envelope is a fantastic and innocent tool for magicians and mentalists.

    Mystikos Envelopes offers you a new practical, durable and elegant solution for your performances.

    In each pack you will receive:
    • 10 normal envelopes
    • 10 window envelopes with removable clear plastic
    Made in mystic black color. Strong Tyvek material guaranteed to last for repeated use.

    You can use it as a single item, or in conjunction with other props (such as our Universal Switch Device) to expand your options!

    You will also receive video and written instructions with a variety of commercial ideas and routines:

    1. Homage to Theo:
    A full act using a powerful combination of principles.

    2. Psychic Elimination: One participant FREELY selects any ESP Symbol. Another person, while in an intuitive trance, draws one of the ESP Symbols. They are identical. A synchronicity is created!

    3. Black Night: A direct approach to the classic opener, perfect for any stand-up parlor performance.

    4. Dual Experiment: A double test-conditions test. Prediction and mindreading, all in one.

    5. The Best Gift: The perfect routine for any birthday. A complete mini act using your new envelopes.
    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester