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Magic Top Hat (4 effect) by 7 MAGIC - Trick

    Magic Top Hat (4 effect) by 7 MAGIC - Trick

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    Silk, fire, or dove? Which is your favorite for performing the best magic? Today, 7 Magic would like to introduce to you a whole new prop that can achieve wonders for you and your audience.
    • A classic hat with a mysterious classic look and special abilities will surely bring your audience amazing surprises.
    • The hat can create a beautiful snow screen with the ability to shoot snow. After the first performance with snowflakes, the magician places a scarf right next to the brim and then the hat quickly sucks the scarf in, turning the silk scarf into a lovely pigeon. With this prop, the audience will get more excited as the routine continues to build.
    • The hat looks simple on the outside and is not different, but it carries many "miracles". You can wear it to perform as well.
    • You will have great performances with this attractive prop.
    Key features:
    • Smart design, easy to use
    • New upgrade with 4-stroke allows snow, fire, vanish silk and appearing bird
    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester