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Super Chameleon Power (Quarter Dollar) by Johnny Wong

    Super Chameleon Power (Quarter Dollar) by Johnny Wong

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    • Product Type: Trick
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    Super Chameleon Power (Quarter Dollar) is the latest amazing product from Johnny Wong. It will enable you to perform a mind-boggling Matrix routine, transpositions, and more!

    It is a multifunctional coin gimmick that you can use on many different occasions.

    This gimmick set comes with a card, a specially crafted US Quarter dollar and a regular Chinese coin.

    Everyone can operate this coin gimmick with ease to perform excellent magic.

    The DVD comes with a variety of demos that will guide you through the following routines:
    • Coin thru the bottom of a glass cup
    • 3 coins disappear and reappear
    • Unique 3 Fly - 3 coins fly into a glass cup in a most magical way
    • 3 coins with a card illusion routine
    • Amazing coin finding cards
    • Coin quick penetration glass cup illusion
    • Coin penetration: from back of glass table into glass cup
    • Unique quick change
    Every routine is also made more powerful and easier through the use of these precisely made US Quarter Dollar Coins and Chinese Coins.
    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester