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INNOCENT by Taesang & Secret of Magic - DVD

    INNOCENT by Taesang & Secret of Magic - DVD

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    In this 6th DVD from Secret of Magic, we introduce new styles of coin magic, including 7 Routines and 22 coin techniques. These unique and visual techniques will help push your performance several steps further!

    In this DVD, you can learn coin tricks that we usually see performed with gimmicks, but this time WITHOUT a gimmick! Thus, you can perform confidently in front of suspicious spectators or even magicians! You don't need to buy additional gimmicks to perform. You only need 6 coins for these incredible effects! If you are a beginner of coin magic, don't worry. These lessons are easy to understand for beginners. We recorded the lessons in an "over the shoulder" view for easy understanding.

    - Don't need any additional gimmicks
    - Don't need to "soften" your coins

    "Graceful and precise, this collection combines some great subtleties with strong visual magic. Some of the best coin magic I've seen in a while!"
    - Kainoa Harbottle

    "I was fooled many times. His routines are so clever and deceptive."
    - Ponta The Smith


    1. Dust Coin (Hanging Coin)
    2. Spell Bound
    3. C-SpellBound
    4. Copper & Silver
    5. Pure Wild Coin
    6. SCV Coin (CSB)
    7. 3 Coin Production


    1. Middle/Ring Finger Curl Palm (AKA Nowhere Palm)
    2. Middle/Ring Finger Curl Subtlety (LTS)
    3. High/Low Edge Grip
    4. Retention Pass To Edge Grip
    5. Edge Grip Production
    6. Coin Roll Shuttle/Change (LTS)
    7. Coin Roll Subtlety
    8. Steeplechase Shuttle/Change (Harbottle)
    9. Edge Flip Placement (Harbottle)
    10. Edge Grip To Edge Grip Change (Townsend)
    11. Himber Vanish
    12. Air Himber Vanish (LTS)
    13. Jimmy Wilson Grip (AKA J.W Grip)
    14. Flat Thumb Palm
    15. Finger To Thumb Shuttle/Change
    16. Heel Clip Switch
    17. Soju Change (LTS)
    18. Throwing Change (Ponta)
    19. Heel Clip Steal (LTS)
    20. Palm Up Steal (LTS)
    21. Coin Roll (Normal/Reverse/Back)
    22. Edge Roll

    Content: DVD
    Language: Korean with English subtitles
    Running time: About 3 hours
    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester