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Stuck by Greg Rostami - DVD

    Stuck by Greg Rostami - DVD

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    From the wArPeD mind of Greg Rostami comes STUCK!

    You start by borrowing a quarter. Place the quarter on the back of your hand and proceed to TWIST it into your skin.

    When the hand is removed the coin has penetrated the back of the hand. But WAIT . . .

    The coin is NOT coming out the other side of the hand . . . IT'S STUCK!

    Both hands are shown completely empty . . . there is no sign of the coin.

    You then proceed to pull the coin SLOWLY and VISUALLY out of the palm of your hand!

    Both the vanish and the reveal of the coin will leave everyone STUNNED!

    This 44 minute DVD, explains how to perform STUCK! Greg also shares his insight about the psychology of the effect. You also get 5 AMAZING variations for revealing the coin.

    Features of STUCK! 
    EXTREMELY Visual Magic
    Easy to do
    Totally Impromptu
    Instant Reset
    Sitting or Standing
    No Clothing Restrictions
    No Double-Sided Tape
    No Sticky Stuff
    No Gimmicks
    No Pulls
    No Strings
    No Pockets
    No Sleeves
    No Magnets
    No Palming
    No Watch
    No Ring
    All you need is ANY coin about the size of a US quarter
    You can do it NAKED!

    Here is what Professional Magicians say . . .

    "STUCK! is THE impromptu STUNNER of 2006!" - James Linn

    "STUCK! is an excellent addition to any magician's working repertoire. Simple in effect, easy to do, extremely visual, plus it's always ready, with a cutting edge method that will certainly keep you from being STUCK the next time someone asks you to do something." - Bob Kohler

    "I've Had STUCK! for a few days now. I've performed it for my friends. So far I've gotten nothing but wide open eyes and friends looking at each other wondering what to say other than 'Where the heck is that coin?'. I'm really liking that vanish a lot. You've got a real nice effect and for my money I, once again, got more than I paid for with your product." - Charlie Justice

    "I was one of the first to see STUCK! over a year ago. I started performing it THAT night and continued to the day I quit magic. STUCK! is one of the best IMPROV. effects you can do." - Justin Miller

    "The best purchase I have made in the past 2 years. Direct eye poping Magic." - Alan Rorrison

    "STUCK! is one of the strongest effects you can do with a borrowed coin, right on the spot. Well done." - Peter Eggink

    "Greg has thought this effect out thoroughly. Every move is motivated making a very clean routine. I'll be learning this one." - Platt

    "STUCK! is one of the most visual and in-your-face coin effects to date. For any magician, this is a MUST." - Vinny Marini

    Running Time Approximately 44min
    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester