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Greater Magic Video Library Volume 37 Gene Anderson - DVD

    Greater Magic Video Library Volume 37 Gene Anderson - DVD

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    "This is more than a few tricks. It is my heart and soul." - Gene Anderson

    Gene Anderson knows how to amuse an audience. From flopping intricate paper hats on to his head to shredding and miraculously restoring pates of newspaper, Gene keeps his viewers smiling. Known throughout the world as the recognized master at newspaper magic, Gene share invaluable knowledge on how to earn a respectable income from magic, performing as a part-time professional

    A Two-Hour Testimony to a prolific Mind

    Performance and Explanations:

    • Marko
    • Picto Transpo
    • Die Box
    • Son of the Morning Match Trick
    • Newspaper Magic (Star, Squirrel, Dolls, Fir Tree, Origami, Ship's Wheel)
    • Newspaper Hats (Soldier, Mortar Board, Napolean, Cowboy)
    • Torn and restored Newspaper

    Part-Time Pro Lecture:

    • Knowledge from a career of performing on a part-time basis around the world. How to assemble a list of effects, frame a show, write a script, tighten the show, develop new material, and much more.
    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester