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Blue Ribbon Playing Cards (Blue)

    Blue Ribbon Playing Cards (Blue)

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    Crafted from the The United States Playing Card Company, 102 years after its initial release, is the deeply anticipated reprint of Blue Ribbon 323 Playing Cards. The cards' origin stems from The Morgan & Company, first printed in 1916 and available till the late 1980s. Blue Ribbon "Rosette back", has now been reimagined, maintaining the artistic integrity of the original whilst providing a modern reinterpretation. The cards were printed on Bicycle crushed stock to replicate the true thinness of the originals.

    Additionally, from the tuck case to the Ace of Spades, the deck sports verbiage of the Cincinnati, Ohio USPCC. However, in parallel with the trends of modern card production, the back design now sports a precise, thin border. These are simply just few of the finer details that this deck possesses.

    This deck's attributes include:
    • Printed in classic red and blue
    • Original back design
    • Original tuck case
    • Linen finish
    • Color-coded seals
    • Crushed stock
    • Air cushion finish
    • Thin borders
    • Three identical, original Jokers
    • Blank card gaff
    • Original Ace of Spades
    • Beautiful vibrant true colors
    • Standard Court cards
    • "Cincinnati" on the Ace of Spades AND tuck box
    • Red tear strip
    After countless hours were spent meticulously retracing and recreating this work of art, no detail was left out. A nod to the "Golden Era" of card magic, when Marlo, Vernon, Miller, and Jennings would skillfully wield such a deck, one can now step back into time, to a better brand and to a better design. Elevate your magic and gambling demonstrations with a pack of Blue Ribbons.

    Available in classic blue and red.

    Quantities are extremely limited, so get yours now!
    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester