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Bicycle Codex Playing Cards by Elite Playing Cards

    Bicycle Codex Playing Cards by Elite Playing Cards

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    A message to you, dear reader, from the mysterious, new Bicycle® Codex Playing Cards.

    There is a world that exists between the lines. A world of secret symbolism and hidden meaning. In full view, visible to all. But only those in the know, know. Those without, seek to know.

    I am the gatekeeper. The key to unlocking this world's secrets lies in my hands. It is I who give outsiders a tantalizing glimpse through the lock.

    It is I who decide if those deemed ready by my fellow Masters will pass the initiation.

    The outsiders watch my every move, hang on my every word. Of which there are few. I sense their desperation, their hunger for acceptance. Such power is not awarded lightly.

    I can have no mercy. For secrets to survive generations, they can only be entrusted to a select few.

    To open the gate is to reveal all. They must prove they are ready. They must take the oath.

    Only then am I ready to share. To reveal such secrets can change worlds.

    I believe you are ready.

    I am turning the key. Opening the lock. Ready to reveal all...

    Will you decipher the code?

    Inspired by secret societies, Bicycle® Codex Playing Cards is the new deck from Elite Playing Cards. High on quality and rich on symbolism. Each illustration has a meaning behind it. Dressed in a luxurious brilliant dark vellum tuck box, and stamped with satin gold foil. Bold, elegant, mysterious.

    Printed exclusively in Q1 quality by the United States Playing Card Company.
    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester