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Dreamers Avatar (DELUXE) Playing Cards

    Dreamers Avatar (DELUXE) Playing Cards

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    LIMITED EDITION: Only 1000 printed! Will NOT be reprinted.

    The dreamer is the center of all dream experiences. When we are dreaming, we are often avatars of our woken selves. We manifest, occasionally, as specific personas and alter egos, but we are almost never aware of those manifestations when we are dreaming. We may look different, we may be of the opposite gender, we can be younger or older or we can be someone else. To the dreamer, the dream is reality. Lepidopterological musings aside, we have to agree with the Taoist allegory that it is sometimes hard to tell what is dream and what is reality.

    Dreamers Avatar Deluxe Edition:
    • Limited 1000 decks will be printed
    • Printed by the USPCC
    • Tuck case by Clove St. Press
    • Purple foil on pearl paper stock
    • Crushed Bee stock
    • Traditionally cut
    • Magic finish
    • Made in USA
    The Dreamers Avatar Playing Cards is another exciting collaboration with Copete Cohete, designers of Explorers Revelation and Domination Playing Cards.

    Combines an intriguing concept with their signature whimsical graphical styles. A tribute to Kon Satoshi, the stylistic themes are heavily influenced by Japanese anime, especially that of Paprika. It is characterized by striking and vivid mash-ups of colors and highly imaginative representations. The Dreamers is another thrilling attempt to push the boundaries of playing card design.

    Court cards: The avatars of the kings, queens and jacks of the Dreamers deck. Each avatar is depicted in multifaceted manners, showing how different personas can be reflected in dreams.

    Jack of Spades symbolizes Force, Complot, Automated & Order.

    Queen of Spades symbolizes Strategy, Intelligence, Plan, Control, Silence & Fear.

    King of Spades symbolizes the dream state of Bellic, Armed, Death, Uniform & Defense.

    Jack of Hearts symbolizes Nostalgia, Betrayal, Conflict and Jealousy.

    Queen of Hearts symbolizes Lust, Beauty and Self-Love.

    King of Hearts symbolizes Vanity, Confidence, Trust & Truth

    King of Clubs symbolizes Fierce, Death, Survivance, Creature, Ambush.

    Queen of Clubs symbolizes Universe, Mother Nature, Planets, Infinite & Unknown.

    Jack of Diamonds symbolizes Precise, Focused, Intuitive & Restless.

    Queen of Diamonds symbolizes Envy, Invaluable & Beauty

    King of Diamonds symbolizes Precious, Sharp, Expensive, Exact, Alchemia & Element.

    Tuck case and card backs: Intricate and whimsical details exhibiting the nature of the dreamers in dreams
    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester