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5th Kingdom Prototype Playing Cards

    5th Kingdom Prototype Playing Cards

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    LIMITED EDITION: Only 500 printed! Will NOT be reprinted.

    Suits of cards have symbolized 4 battling kingdoms for a long time. Each suit is the whole world of kings, queens, warriors, etc. That world was filled with unique culture, nature, legends, and heroic deeds. The design and illustrations unite these four worlds with colors and rhythm.


    The Spades are African culture. The primeval world of astonishing contrasts. There is scorching sunlight which is replaced by the cold scintillation of stars. And the absolute silence of the night is disturbed by a drum rhythm near a ritual fire burning in a boundless desert. The ancient tribal traditions carried through thousands of years living here. An invariable harmony of humans and nature produces a force and possibility of danger. Every hunter might become prey. Only instincts can help a human to survive in the fight.


    The Diamonds are fairy-tail Japan. It is a country where the sun rises, and wind plays in bonsai branches. Simplicity penetrates everyday life here. The air is cut by a katana and is filled with a smell of sakura, with birds singing in its branches. It is the world of brave samurais, enigmatic geishas who tap their getas and mythic dragons that guard gods' houses far away in the mountains.


    The Clubs embody a medieval culture of Europe. Dark times when legends were written in castles by candle light. Brave knights winning ladies' hearts and performing feats, monsters living far away on the end of the world, and magical animals with luminous horns bestowing eternal life fill these legends.


    The Hearts are spicy and colorful India. The stories about charming princesses and brave warriors are told by a sensual dance of graceful interlacing hands. It tells you about charming princes and brave warriors.

    A fragile lotus and a majestic anise-tree, vaporous silk and a shining marble palace walls are singing about love beyond time and distance. Any day can become a celebration if it is spiced with flowers, music, and songs.

    Artist Bio

    Maria Fedoseeva is an artist from Moscow, Russia. She graduated from Moscow State University of Printing Arts as a graphic and type designer. Since the beginning of her career, she has been working as a designer. Her career in illustration and art was started after 2014.

    Her passion for creating the most elegant shapes and image express her emotional inside world.

    In 2015 she started the 5th Kingdom project. The project was included in the shortlist of Communication Arts Competition in 2019.
    • Printed by MPC
    • Casino Grade European card stock
    • Smooth Ivory finish
    • Includes 1 blank face card
    • Limited edition of 500
    • 2019 release
    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester