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KOUNTED by Kevin Parker video DOWNLOAD

    KOUNTED by Kevin Parker video DOWNLOAD

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    KOUNTED is an impromptu card divination that looks incredible!

    Divine the amount of cards randomly cut off the deck by you or the spectator without using stacks or gimmicks; no setup, totally impromptu.

    The spectator even shuffles the deck beforehand. Borrowed deck.

    Kevin Parker's system allows for this type of feat and many others.

    - You're not cutting to predetermined spots; you can cut anywhere or let the spectator cut.
    - No insertion of a crimped, cut, shaven, or altered card into the deck to mark a location; no setup whatsoever.
    - No gimmicks or stacks or deck setup; borrow a deck, let them shuffle it, then instantly do it.
    - Instantly repeatable/instant reset.
    - 100% impromptu.
    - Start and end totally clean.

    As a finale, you sense what card is 14 cards down even though the deck has been shuffled and there are no markings on the deck; a strong indication of your psychic nature.

    Everything you're doing looks and feels like you're actually psychic.

    A totally impromptu, gimmick-free effect. It looks like you're demonstrating a powerfully sharp psychic sense. This is KOUNTED.
    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester