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Welcome to The Magic Shop Online. Here you will find all the information about ordering from The Magic Shop via our digital ecommerce platform. We offer an extensive selection of magic products, and playing cards. The shop keeps your magic goodies affordable, and most importantly we guarantee that your parcel arrives safely at your door, as fast as possible.


How The Online Magic Shop Works 😎

There is so much choice in modern magic that it is practically impossible to stock all the products here in South Africa. Magic as we know is a small niche market. In the past our local bricks and mortar store could serve the needs of the magic community with ease. However with the explosion of magic online there are now hundreds of decks of playing cards, thousands of magic products available, and others being released each week. We needed to adapt our business model to meet the new demands, giving our best service, while keeping our traditional magic shop alive.


1. All magic products displayed online are IMPORTED from Murphy's Magic Suppliers as our clients order. Each week we build up a bulk order and then import these goods as a batch. The following week they are then packaged here in Cape Town and shipped out to our clients via Door to Door Courier, or Postnet. Therefore you can buy your magic locally and skip having to pay the usual required $50 courier fee, or wait 6 months, likely never seeing your parcel arrive via the local RSA postal service.


2. This process means some clients might receive their packages in less than 10 days and others it might take a maximum of 14 days depending on when they fall into our import order windows. When things are going well we order in each week. Sometimes the shipment needs to be bumped to the following week depending on volume. However you can rest assured your magic will be guaranteed to arrive, and generally it is as fast as if you couriered it yourself!  


3. All items include 15% VAT. Prices are calculated to current exchange rates, import costs, and then the 15% VAT. Clients must remember that if they order in from other retailers they will have to pay a courier fee ($50 plus) as well as 15% VAT once their magic eventually gets here. 


4. If you want to collect your parcel from The College of Magic within Cape Town, this can and will be arranged. Our shop staff will contact you promptly once your magic items have landed here from the United States. 


5. If any product is out of stock at Murphy's Magic Suppliers, we will notify you immediately and then clients will be presented with some alternate options, a gift voucher, or a direct bank transfer refund for that item.






Instant Downloads ✅

The Magic Shop is proud to present the incredible Instant Download platform. Dvds are no longer in use and so a lot of valuable historic magic teaching material has been converted to Download. Some of the prices still remain high. However, we have curated what we feel are excellent value downloads at very good prices. Once you pay for your download it will be released automatically and you can start watching your new magic resources immediately. The downloads work on a direct USA to South African Rand exchange rate with no import costs, and the additional 15% VAT added for our local tax.

The Bricks and Mortar Store 👣

The Magic Shop has always been a walk in shop, and we want to preserve this time honoured magic tradition. The store will still operate as a magic shop and a place to meet and jam. It has always been a comfortable spot for the College of Magic students to hang out on Saturdays, and guests to visit from all around the world.


We have had the likes of Juan Tamariz, David Williamson, The Illusionists, Michael Ammar, Banachek, Daniel Garcia, DMC, David Copperfield and other famous magicians from around the World visit The Magic Shop. As well as our local friends too!


1. The flight store carries a curated range of essential stock for all walk in visitors. These can be purchased in store via the POS system. The magic consists of various supplies for professionals, as well as some essential beginner items. There will also be a display of new playing cards, and some of the latest magic. These can ONLY be purchased in store.


2. Please note the Bricks and Mortar store does not ship out the stock. It is for our walk in clientele, and magic visitors to the College of Magic. Non walk-in clients need to please place orders via the ONLINE SHOP.


3. The walk in shop will be operating within limited hours, and only on certain days a week. These will be listed and updated on Google Bizz. We accommodate for traveling visitors under appointments outside shop hours. Email magic@themagicshop.co.za to make a booking.


Our clearly defined goal is “extreme customer satisfaction

You must understand that we mean it when we say our service and attention to client needs is core to our business model. We go out of our way to ensure that our clients are well looked as part of our magic family.



"Wow I am really happy with your shop, I love your website, it works so easy and you have so many products to choose from, and all categories. and I love your service and advice on effects, you guys are my favourite magic shop,I would recommend it to any one." 
- Gerrit, Cape Town

"All I can say is – WOW. What an absolute treat you guys are to deal with. I had my products in no time and The Magic Shop went that extra Mile. Thank You !! I WILL be back!! - Nico

I just wanted to thank you for your real assistance for my son. He was over the moon with the stuff I bought back for him, and I have been extremely impressed by your professionalism and helpfulness in assisting Lloyd and myself. Thank you  – real stars you are. - Grant, Durban KZN

"I think it is significant when some nice adult makes ‘the impossible’ seem possible - like the magician you had working. He was very kind -  his coaching and sharing made Jamey feel he could learn magic if he worked it! -
Doctor Catherine Coleman. NASA


All online transactions are done with extremely secure protocols! We only use highly secure bank platforms offering 3d secure banking (approved via OTP on cellphone). We keep no financial records and only the bank can see your card details. We offer credit card/debit card and Direct Bank Transfer payment. It is safe, secure, and it is convenient.

Banking Details: Standard Bank

Account Name: The Magic Shop
Account Type: Cheque Account
Account Number: 272 147 400
Kromboom Branch Code: 026209